Top Features of Good Bulk SMS Marketing


Campaign of Bulk SMS, which is mostly known as mobile marketing, has become the most effective mode for businesses to market their products and services using the technology of mobile phones. SMS refers to the technology of Short Messaging Service.

Earlier bulk SMS had a negative impact because companies used cold database and began spamming to customers. But this scenario has changed. Nowadays, there are a broad set of guidelines stipulated by network providers, which have to be followed by senders of bulk short messages. With this, bulk SMS marketing has evolved into an effective tool for marketing.

Modern companies can exploit this effective medium of marketing using MSG91. This is possible if you adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Seek Permission

Prior to sending bulk messages in India, you must make sure that clients or customers have agreed to receive messages from you. This can be done by a keyword opt-in or web-opt-in facility. You can build a reliable bulk SMS database by acquiring permission from your customers. But to do this, you must make this easy for customers to join in your messaging list. You must also let customers know, how often you will be messaging them.


  • Plan Budget

For this marketing channel, you must begin with a planned budget. This is to avoid unnecessary hassles and regrets in the future. A well planned short message strategy can be managed easily and will help improve your bottom line.


  • Send Direct Messages

When you are preparing messages, avoid the temptation to add too many details. SMS is limited to 140 characters, and so, ensure you include all vital points within this limit. An effective message is one which contains, ‘what is in there for you, the customer?’ This is what will be the attractive factor to lure customers. Use simple, plain language including most popular texting shortcuts.


  • Send Relevant Messages

One cannot overemphasize the relevance of a message. Even if your design a highly creative message, you cannot strike a chord with customers, if it is not relevant to their needs. An important role will be played by segmentation and targeting of audience. So, when you are designing your message, you need to consider your demographics and target group.


  • Send Personal Message

Bulk messaging is an effective strategy to build up a long term and unique relationship with customers. But this is possible only if you send personalized messages to customers. For instance, use first name to address the customer in your message. This will make the customer feel special.


  • Proper Scheduling of Message

Discussing when the messages will be scheduled is also important. This is crucial as the most attractive and creative SMS will fail in its objective if not properly timed. For instance, do not send messages during the standard office hours of customers when they will be busy and when they will ignore messages.


When you hire MSG91, one of the best bulk SMS service providers, it will always factor these points while designing SMS marketing strategy. Bulk SMS through MSG91 is a great way to exploit the potential of your local market. It will help boost public relations, enhance customer education, and generate leads in the long run.

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