Top WordPress Plugins to send SMS using MSG91

WordPress has become a powerful medium for businesses to make their online presence. With its easy to use console to the numerous plugins, WordPress has managed to be the customer’s favorite.

WordPress plugins have now enabled their customers to communicate with their users using SMS via MSG91. These plugins have leveraged the customers with the power of communication where they can send updates, secure accounts and regularly keep in touch with their users. WordPress SMS plugin, has helped them ensure seamless operations and better rapport with their users, resulting in better business.

Here are the plugins which would give you the leverage of communication by sending SMS via robust and secured network of MSG91:

MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Lite:

By CodeSpeedy

It is a light-weight WordPress notification plugin which enables the user with a WooCommerce addon. With this, the buyer and the admin would get notifications for the order updates and status such as payment completion, order delivery or cancellation via SMS.

Here’s what you would get in the free and paid versions of MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Lite:

  • Free Version:
    • Send notifications for order status updates to the buyer via SMS.
    • Send updates upon payment completion via SMS.
    • SMS could be enabled/disabled for admin/buyer for any particular instance.
    • Send SMS updating the order processing, upon cancellation, order delivery, and failure in delivery to both the admin and buyer.
    • SMS could be customized by putting order price, order ID, order currency, site name etc. in the text message.
  • Pro Version:
    • All the features available in the Free version
    • Send notifications for refunded orders via SMS
    • Notify when the orders are on hold by sending SMS
    • Send SMS updates for the pending orders

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By VeronaLabs

It is a WordPress SMS plugin which enables the user to send updates to their subscribers via SMS. WP SMS plugin supports multiple SMS gateways including MSG91, where a user can send SMS via their WordPress site if they have an account.

Here’s what you would get in the free and paid versions of WP SMS:

  • Free Version:
    • Send SMS to users in different instances.
    • Get users’ mobile numbers upon subscription.
    • Send SMS automatically to the users and admins.
    • Ensure security with 2FA verification (two-factor authentication).
    • Login with your mobile number in case you forget the password.
  • Pro Version:
    • All the features available in the Free version
    • User registration verification via 2FA verification SMS
    • And many more features

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Orion SMS OTP Verification:

By Imran Sayed, Smit Patadiya

It is a WordPress OTP/SMS verification plugin which is used to verify User’s mobile number by sending OTP SMS. Using this plugin user cannot submit the form without verifying the mobile number. This plugin works with most of WordPress Forms like Signup form, Contact form, Inquiry Form and custom forms in your Theme/Plugins. You can reset the password over OTP/SMS. Orion SMS OTP Verification plugin sends the verification OTP using MSG91.

The plugin uses 2FA (two-factor authentication) verification SMS. It has also been tested with WordPress default theme 2019 along with the top WordPress Form plugins (with their versions available at the time of release) and works successfully with:

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. WPForms
  3. Ninja Forms
  4. Formidable Forms
  5. WooCommerce Signup Form
  6. Ultimate Member
  7. User Registration – User Profile, Membership and more
  8. Profile Builder – User registration and user profile
  9. Profile Press
  10. Registration Magic
  11. Buddy Press Signup Form
  12. Everest Forms

Free Version:

  • All Above Features

Pro Version:

  • All Free Version Features
  • Popup to Enter OTP Code
  • Multiple International Country Support
  • Woocommerce Order SMS
  • Mobile Verification on WooCommerce checkout Page
  • A timer on Resend Verification code
  • Customized Alerts and Button Text
  • Multiple Form Support – Integrate multiple forms on the same or different page
  • Premium Support

You can check Free Plugin at

You can check Premium Plugin at

Plugin Demo Video

Premium Plugin Demo Link:-

Chat Support:-

Orion Main Settings Page

Orion WooCommerce Settings Page

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WC – APG SMS Notifications:

By Art Project Group

It is a WordPress SMS notifications plugin which enables the user with a WooCommerce addon. With this, the user can send SMS notifications to the buyers at various instances using different SMS gateways such as MSG91.

Here’s what you would get in the free versions of WP SMS:

  • Free Version:
    • Supports multiple SMS gateways including MSG91.
    • Send SMS to owners (admins) upon receiving new orders.
    • Notifies if the delivery contact number is different from billing contact number.
    • Send automated SMS to the users and admins.
    • Send customizable SMS with a large number of variables available for personalization.
    • Add customized variables.
    • Send timed SMS for on-hold orders.
    • Upon setup it is fully automated.
    • Compatible with WPML
    • Get support from WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin.

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In a Nutshell

Plugin Purpose Features (Free Version) Features (Pro Version)
MSG91 WooCommerce SMS Integration Lite Enables WooCommerce users to send SMS
  • Send SMS to users and admins automatically at different instances
  • Enable/disable SMS for user/admin at different instances
  • Customize SMS by using variables
Send SMS for:
  • Refunded orders
  • Orders on hold
  • Pending orders
WP SMS Enables users to send SMS
  • Supports multiple gateways
  • Send SMS to users and admins automatically at different instances
  • Get users’ number upon subscription
  • Ensure 2FA security via OTP
  • Login with a number upon forgetting the password
  • User verification upon registration via OTP SMS
Orion SMS OTP Verification Enables OTP verification upon registration Send OTP SMS to verify users at the time of registration on the below plugins:
  • Contact form 7
  • User registration – User profile, membership and more
  • Ultimate member
  • Profile builder – User registration and user profile
  • Profile press
  • RegistrationMagic
WC – APG SMS Notifications Enables WooCommerce users to send SMS
  • Supports multiple gateways
  • Send customized SMS to buyers and admin
  • Compatible with WPML

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