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Unicode: A way to widen the reach of SMS communication

Do you think all the SMS which you are sending in English are targeting the right audience? Are they actually getting access to the information that you’ve sent?

Generally, there are a lot many scenarios in everyday life where the message is delivered but the purpose of it still remains unsolved. Let’s see this with a small example.

Imagine a delivery boy who is not educated enough to read and write in English and he gets notified on SMS about the delivery details making it challenging for him to perform the task. Here the message is received but due to linguistic restrictions, the problem remains unsolved, thereby making the communication ineffective.

This makes you ask an important question to yourself, that “Are you able to make optimum utilization of the widespread mode of communication i.e. SMS?

Here are the hit and miss.

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The need to send SMS in non-English languages

Do you know only a limited part of the world’s population communicate in English? As a research study of Washington Post suggests English has only 527 Million native speakers across the world, making it the third most spoken language in the world.

Regional Language Statistics of India


While other languages have a much higher number. This brings in the possibility of you sending an SMS in English to a non-English speaker. Thereby, limiting the reach of the otherwise widespread medium of communication.

This was about the world demographics. Let us see the same picture in a different perspective, keeping India as the reference.

India the land of cultural and linguistic diversity with over 21 regional languages. SMS in regional language acts as a bridge to connect with even the people of remote locations, who might not be fluent in English or Hindi.


Internet users in different languages in India


Due to this, you tend to miss out a larger chunk of the potential target audience.

So, if you are looking forward to widening the horizons of your communication beyond sending SMS in GSM-7 characters i.e the English language alphanumeric characters (ascii characters), here’s what you can consider.


Internet users in India based on languages



Sending SMS in native languages not only increases the number of readers but also helps you in using the most widespread medium of communication in a most effective manner to get optimal results. Thereby making it widespread in the truest sense.

Now you might think a GSM allows you send SMS only in alphanumeric characters (ascii characters), then how come you will be able to send SMS in the native non-English scripts.

Well, for that we have Unicode Characters!

Yes, Unicode!


What is Unicode?

It is a way in which you can send SMS in different non-English scripts and target a wider audience. It uses UTF 8 coding of international standards and provides a unique number to each character. A Unicode character is a 4 Byte character which covers all the non-English languages in the world.

Unicode text is compatible with all the browsers, devices, search engines, operating systems and other parts of the internet. This ensures a seamless multi-platform system to convey text messages in different international languages.


How can you send SMS in Unicode using MSG91?

You can easily send a Unicode SMS i.e. in characters apart from the GSM-7 characters, using the Unicode SMS service provided by MSG91. In general, an SMS allows up to 160 characters of GSM-7 in a single SMS credit. Whereas, Unicode SMS character limit is 70 characters for a single SMS credit. You can easily keep a check on the credits of Unicode SMS via your panel provided by MSG91.

MSG91 allows you to simply upload your Unicode SMS via exporting Excel sheets and send them to a wide target audience seamlessly without any errands.



Regional SMS Service using Unicode by MSG91


This way you can easily widen your reach for your target audience even in their native languages using Regional SMS services. This will bring an increase in the sales of your business. Using MSG91 Unicode services, you can utilize SMS in its truest sense.

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