Kartfood uses MSG91 for communication

Kartfood: A food delivery startup communicates via SMS amidst the internet ban in the Kashmir Valley

Internet: The backbone of customer communication

The Internet has brought in a fleet of social media channels with it. It is these social media platforms which have played a major role in the marketing and customer communication. Small businesses have largely engaged in different social media platforms of which Facebook has been the most popular one, followed by Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. According to a survey

Social Media channels for business stats

With such a rate of involvement, the Internet has proven its mettle in engaging a large audience also making the communication to the customer easier.

Kashmir Valley still barren of startups due to frequent Internet bans

While India is emerging as a Startup nation, Kashmir Valley is still waiting for startups to happen. A major reason for startups not choosing Kashmir is the disruptive internet connectivity, which happens frequently.

Due to separatists activities, Kashmir has been facing frequent Internet bans in the past few years, which has hit the small business to a major extent. The inaccessibility to the internet would mean a disruptive social media presence which will adversely affect the connectivity with the customers. With more than 39 bans being imposed since 2012, online business has paralyzed, while many looking to change base locations and the upcoming startups dropping the idea to start their businesses in Kashmir.

All these factors have contributed to the startup void seen in the valley, while the other regions have their fair share of startups.

Kartfood is successfully operating with an alternate strategy

Kartfood, a local food delivery startup has also been facing the same issue to communicate with their customers amidst the disruptive internet services. Sales have been hit as they had no stable medium of communication with non-functioning of social media platforms due the frequent internet bans.



Kartfood uses MSG91 for communication


Amidst this situation, they turned up to an alternate medium of communication i.e. SMS. Though considered an old school in this advanced time, SMS still has a wide reach and had been an effective channel to communicate in real time with a larger target audience.

With a 98% reach and 83% of people opening the SMS in the 3 minutes, it has been a channel to communicate with the mass. Due to the quick responsiveness and wider reach, SMS has come to rescue in the absence of the internet. Earlier, while the Kartfood was facing challenges to communicate regarding deliveries, offers and other information to its customers, they have seen visible results after opting for SMS services.

MSG91 has been helping Kartfood with its advanced API based SMS services to communicate effectively with their clients. This has not only helped them to sync their food delivery process but has also let their business grow at a higher rate.




Furqan Qureshi, Co-founder Kartfood says “MSG91 has helped us in solving our communication problems completely with their robust and reliable system which delivers messages in Real-time, syncing the entire food delivery process hassle-free. This has also led us to a phenomenal sales growth of 10% in the last week itself, and has also helped us reach out to a wide range of potential customer, with their efficient API integration add-ons

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