You could be offering Marketing Tool, Fintech, B2B e-commerce, HR Tech, or anything else. Allow your customers to use Voice, Email and SMS from within your platform.


Deep Integration

MSG91 APIs enable you to code the services as a part of your own product. Allow your users to seamlessly experience the power of communication in your tool.

Revenue Sharing

We mean it when we say, it’s your product. Even though the customer uses MSG91 APIs, we only charge for our volume cost. Remaining revenue remains yours.

  Send Bulk SMS with MSG91 APIs

Leadsquared has Integrated SMS to its suite of actions which the user can take from within its CRM. This has provided it a USP over the competition, without having its users to worry about the entire setup.

Service Resilience

We ensure that the APIs see a 99.99% success rate. Challenges we face at the backend, are our responsibility. It’s our commitment to make your business seamless.

Customer Support

We treat your customers as ours when it comes to support. Our support team handles their queries and addresses their concerns if any.

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