Best Cloud Communication Platform in the Philippines

Leverage our developer-friendly API to connect with your customers across channels. Enjoy advanced features (and limitless benefits) with a top-rated cloud communication platform in the Philippines.

Send SMS

with bank grade

Right amount of information to the right audience at the right time

Build a Long-Lasting Relationship with your customer while working


Manage your customer communications efficiently from remote locations.


Invisible Verification!

OTP API to build a complete and futuristic verification process.

Trusted by 30,000+ businesses


Connect with your customers across channels

Full-featured APIs for developers & businesses to connect and engage their customers globally.

SMS engagements drive the highest ROI Leverage our intelligent network to deliver messages. Get the highest SMS delivery and low latency. Embed our API into any software. Now stay in touch with your customers via texting. It’s simple and easy to get started. Learn more

Email marketing delivers the best results for businesses
Leverage our developer-friendly API to create lasting email experiences. MSG91, as the leading business messaging platform in the Philippines, assures high email delivery, rich content, templatized formats, and optimized email performance. Now deliver your customers a seamless communication experience.Learn more

Voice connectivity ensures maximum brand loyalty
Leverage our customizable voice network to be heard clearly. With MSG91, rest assured of scalable solutions, clear calls, and comprehensive calling features. Now easily turn calls into conversions with our voice calling API. With one of the best communication platforms for business at your disposal, the sky is the limit.

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Customer Support Platform - HELLO

Support your customers. Anytime. Anywhere.

HELLO is a robust customer support solution that reaches out to customers across WhatsApp, Facebook, and other popular channels. It also tracks diverse communication mediums to ensure a wholesome omnichannel experience. So, enhance your customer support mechanism with the right tools to deliver a great experience to people that matter to your business.

2-Factor Authentication - SendOTP

Verify your customers. Quickly and Easily.

SendOTP is a 2-factor authentication platform that provides you with an extra level of security. Mobile number verification, 2- factor login, voice backup call are all features that determine superior customer experience. So, level up your security and gain customer confidence. Thousands of businesses love our OTP solution (and you will too). Try the best communication platform in the Philippines today.

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Built for the communications space, communication APIs define rules of the possible interactions between servers and communication applications. They also function as the communication layer between applications and databases. Easy integrations and cost effective solutions.

Founded in 2010, MSG91 over the years has built a robust product portfolio of communication services over a broad set of APIs, all available in off-the-shelf modules. We thrive on innovation and ease-of-use by constantly upgrading services and features to our core offerings making MSG91 one of the most feature-rich CPaaS platforms.

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