We’re revolutionizing A2P messaging with RCS in Singapore

Use rich, branded, and conversational RCS messaging to engage your users. With MSG91, get the best Rich Communication Services.

Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a next-generation communication protocol used by messaging partners, telecommunications companies, and other organizations. OEMs are responsible for rich multimedia messaging. It comes with everything you need for next-generation advanced messaging that maps to your business needs and support its growth.

What can Rich Communication Services help you achieve?

Send branded messages. Create chat groups. Have read receipts. Send high-resolution media
like images, audios, videos, gifs, map locations, deep links to CTAs. Get insights into the performance of your messaging.

All the advantages of OTT communication delivered through the most convenient medium!

Ace the conversations across every channel

With the best RCS Messaging in Singapore, serve your customers better wherever 24×7.

Modernize messaging across all applications.

Incorporate a modern messaging experience for your customers into your brand’s website and mobile apps.

Ensure seamless experience

Be exceptional while live chatting, with AI, bots, and integrated apps to scale conversational business.


To increase brand recognition, include the sender’s name, logo, and color in your messages.


Hand in hand with the best RCS provider in Singapore, communicate with a verified account badge to gain the trust of your customers.


To create advanced communications, incorporate smart actions such as calendar appointments, read receipts, and a variety of calls to action.


To send transactional or service updates, use a rich message template that allows you to add images, videos, audios, locations, QR codes, and deep linking.


Just like an SMS all you need to communicate with
your customers is their mobile number.


Drive meaningful conversations and boost conversions through reply buttons and multiple CTA options.


Multiple matrices are used to generate engagement levels and responses.

Unveil the next generation of powerful messaging


RCS chat service stands for Rich Communication Services and is a smarter way to send text messages to your customers. Rather than using the limited features of the SMS service, RCS makes it easy and quick for customers to text their favorite brands, send or receive high-resolution images and videos while receiving time-sensitive updates from the companies.

RCS chat service gives businesses a new and upgraded way to establish two-way communication with clients and customers. To further explain rich communication chat service, it is a business communication software similar to app store messaging applications such as  WhatsApp that lets you send images, videos, and emojis.

The difference between RCS and SMS is that RCS chat service is an evolution of SMS and MMS services. It operates completely within your phone's default texting app while granting features such as read receipts, emojis, attachments, and live typing indicators at the same time. You can also send pictures and videos using rich communications as you do on WhatsApp. There are no character limits in RCS Rich Communications Services like you would come across in SMS.


 RCS’s end-to-end encryption makes it safer for users than SMS. To put it simply, because of the end-to-end encryption of RCS services, your messages are encrypted on the device in such a manner that it can only be decrypted and read on the receiver's device. This means no one else or any third-party apps will be able to spy on your conversation with RCS. On the other hand, many apps ask for permission to read your SMS and can gain access to sensitive information, while several apps or even a person may be able to snoop into your SMS without your consent.


A communications software can be used by brands and businesses to interact with their customers in a simple yet sophisticated interface by bringing in added features of chat apps integrated with SMS. Communication software comes with built-in enterprise-level encryption security to protect sensitive information.