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Bridge the gap
between you and your customers


Conversations made easier
with RCS, WhatsApp and 30+ channels

HELLO lets you communicate for a real-time experience!
Connect with your users on their most trusted platform.
Serve them over RCS, WhatsApp and other channels that they prefer.

Level up your
customer support


Assist and call
customers directly
from our platform

Our contact center solution empowers interaction through IVR,
call redirecting, call recording and call assigning.

What makes HELLO stand out

  • Provide customer support via screen sharing on a single click
  • Troubleshooting over video in seconds
  • Record agent performance for quality control
  • Understand your customers emotions through sentiment analysis
  • Solution for remote access and supportComing soon

Client Segmentation
with AI

Understand your customer in a structured
and shared manner. Segment smartly according
to customer action or event and automate


Data driven performance management

Seamless & quick integration

Delivers instant answers with knowledge base

Supports regional languages

Flexible Pricing

Chat across RCS, email, WhatsApp, call
  • One user interface for all channels and integrations
  • Track and monitor agent performance and analyse reports
Free +
Pay as you go
For using channels

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A customer contact center is different from a traditional call center because it allows the business to provide constant customer support to the clients; the communication is done professionally and efficiently. Customer contact centers operate in an Omnichannel approach so that they can be of maximum help to the customer.

Some of the communication channels include VoIP telephone services, Email, Fax, Texts, Remote assistance, and so on. The contact center solution India services are third parties, they run customer services for other businesses.

Build incredible relationships between your business and customers.

HELLO puts all your customer support interactions in one place, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient–which means more productive agents and satisfied customers.We created a solution that integrated all channels and all languages to build awesome customer experience.

MSG91 HELLO is among the best call center software in India that collates all your customer interactions in one place. This will make your communication process, efficient, and smooth and results in an increase in productivity for the agents and satisfied customers. HELLO is considered as one of the best contact center software because it builds effective and long term relationships between the business and the customers. 

Firstly, you will have to invest in quality contact center software and then look into the following tips to increase your contact center performance:

  • Work on improving your self-service options
  • Take on an automatic call distribution for seamless operations
  • Use overflow queuing
  • Enhance the verification process in your customer support software
  • Combine your programs with ERP and CRM solutions
  • Look to adopt a call-back feature, this will be useful once the waiting time expires
  • Always keep your staff informed about any contact center technology updates

MSG91 is known for its great online chat support services, and is widely regarded as one of the best contact center software available. The new live chat software can support more than twenty live chat platforms; this feature will allow agents to help clients through their preferred channels.

MSG91 has full-featured messaging and chat functionalities and can be integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and so on, to help them be more accessible to the customer. 

When it comes to contact center solutions in India, live chat is a relevant and convenient tool. It provides efficient customer interaction, in real-time; this prevents any long queues that would occur in front of telephonic help desks. Introducing customer service systems will help your company reach out to many customers, simultaneously. This is a result of the chatbot system which can provide adaptive AI solutions and transfer the issue to agents, whenever required.

A customer support software helps your business keep track of any client requests, manages communication with customers, and deals with any issues that may occur in the customer support platform. The software is an amalgamation of tools that are given by a service provider so that companies can collect, respond, organize, and create reports regarding any customer grievances.