One API for WhatsApp

Modernize and scale your customer experience with
Whatsapp API. Connect with your customers
in the most simple, secure and reliable way.

Connect customers globally on their familiar messaging app

Integrate WhatsApp API to add a new dimension to your omnichannel
customer experience and create newer opportunities for business communication.

Send alerts & notifications

Enable WhatsApp API to send strategic business messages. From bank account notification, payment receipts to delivery alerts, WhatsApp API does it all.

Secured communication

WhatsApp Business API messages are encrypted & secured over HTTPS. Win over your customers’ trust by enabling private conversations with your users.

WhatsApp Business API for customer support

Join the faster and seamless way to customer conflict resolution. Solve customers’ queries & provide support on their preferred chat platform.


Pay only for what you use

Note: MSG91 can help you set up your WhatsApp Business account with Meta in order to activate your WhatsApp business number. The one time setup fee is INR 3000/- or $40


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Whatsapp API is the fastest channel of communication to reach your customers. Did you know that the number of active users on Whatsapp in India alone is more than 400 million? It is evident from this number that businesses need to start leveraging this platform for communicating to the customers and WhatsApp API makes this possible. An API enables two software to interact with each other through data transmission. Similarly, WhatsApp API ensures scalable communication for businesses to their customers.
Small, medium and large businesses can connect to a myriad of customers worldwide using WhatsApp API. Secure, scalable, and tailored solution to all your customer support services.

Before you get WhatsApp API, you need to accept WhatsApp Business API limited public preview or sign up with a Partnered Business Solution Provider for integration.
  • Step 1: Set up your WhatsApp account
  • Step 2: Set up your Whatsapp business API client
  • Step 3: Register your phone number by sending an API call to the account endpoint
  • Step 4: Update settings
  • Step 5: Send a test message
In WhatsApp API, there is no app and front-end interface. Instead, end-users (businesses) are required to take the WhatsApp API endpoint and integrate it into their business software. Once you have signed up with one of WhatsApp’s BSPs or accepted into the limited public preview, you can create a WhatsApp business account and decide your line of credit.
Once you are done with account setting, create your own templates for sending messages to customers.
You can integrate your Whatsapp with Business into your website with the help of the “click-to-chat” feature. Integrating this feature to any part of the website is a technical process and we at MSG91 will be happy to help you in this process. Our One API for Whatsapp helps you connect with your customers globally and deliver seamless and secured communication services.

You can automate WhatsApp messages with two lines of python code, Pycharm, or any other IDE. 

Step1: Install Pywhatkit

Step 2: Import the Pywhatkit. 

Step 3: pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg() must be called after importing. Write the message you want to send including the phone number and other details of the message such as time.

Eg. sendwhatmsg(phone_num=9132332322, message="this is a message", time_hour=14, time_min=3) For more details, refer

If you are looking to integrate WhatsApp API for your business purposes, simply contact us to save yourself from all the technical trouble. We are here to help you!