Create a QR code to allow your audience to initiate a chat with you using WhatsApp without saving your WhatsApp number in the contact list -

  1. Login to with your admin ID.

  2. Select your Business.

  3. Click WhatsApp Manager.

  4. Click the account that you want to manage the QR code for.

  5. In the left side menu, click Phone Numbers.

  6. Navigate to the phone number that you want to use for the code.

  7. Under Settings, click on the settings icon.

  8. Click Message links.

  9. In the Message field, input the text for a pre-filled message that will populate for customers to edit and send to you after they scan the QR code. If you don't add text, your QR code will pop up as an open-ended conversation when scanned.

  10. Click Save.