DLT Premium Support

Those who find DLT challenging, complicated, and very much time-consuming, now can opt for Premium DLT Support and we'll assign a DLT expert to you to get this all done smoothly and at the top priority.

  • A DLT expert sits with you online, understands your needs, and helps you to achieve them quickly.
  • Generally, DLT takes time for approvals & activation (3-7 days approx). Premium DLT Support helps you to get the approvals as a priority.
  • This plan includes first-time setup with entity registration, header, and content template approval on DLT.

Charges? -

  • By DLT Operator: 5000/- (+GST) - - Once your KYC is completed, the DLT operator will send you a payment link to your registered contact information.
  • By MSG91 for DLT premium support: 1500/- (+GST)

​Just add the required funds to your MGS91 wallet and drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “<Your MSG91 Username> - Premium DLT Support” and our expert will get in touch with you soon:)