FAQ- DLT Consent Process 

Q1. DLT Consent process is for which type of DLT templates?
Ans: This process is only for Promotional and Service Explicit Templates.

Q2. If I have more than 5 lakh consent data, how to upload that?
Ans: The maximum limit is 5 lakh per csv file, so you have to upload in multiples of 5 lakh numbers per file. Ex: if you have data of 20 lakh numbers, create 4 files of 5 lakh numbers per file and upload them one by one.

Q3. How to make the payment for uploading this Consent data?
Ans: For payment, you can check your total payable amount on the DLT platform and make the payment to them only.
Note: You have to pay every time you upload a file, according to the price slab.

Q4. Is there any API to upload the Consent data on the DLT platform?
Ans: Currently, the mode of upload is via DLT portal only. However, we have presented this question in front of Telecom Operators, but they denied to provide the same as of now.

Q5. Can I upload consent data without applying for a Consent Template?
Ans: No, you need an approved Consent Template Id first, as this is mandatorily required in the Consent upload process.

Q6. Should I add Country Code along with mobile numbers in the Consent upload file?
Ans: No, you only need to add 10 digit mobile number without Country Code.

Q7. If any customer revoke his Consent after uploading data on DLT, how to remove that mobile number?
Ans: Currently, DLT platforms have not provided any process to remove any number from Consent data.