Guide To WhatsApp Messaging With MSG91

This guide here will help you integrate "The WhatsApp Messaging Platform" in just a few minutes without any deep integration with your product. 

To start sending WhatsApp messages all you have to do is, connect the MSG91 webhook with your system to relay any data/trigger an event.

Follow these 5 simple steps to set up your WhatsApp account for sending messages.

Step 1

1. Register as a Meta (Facebook) Developer

2. Enable two-factor authentication for your account

Step 2

1. Create a Meta (Facebook) App

- Go to > My Apps > Create App

- Select the "Business" type and follow the prompts on your screen

2. Scroll down the list of products on the "Add products to your app" screen and select "WhatsApp" to set up your app

3. Now WhatsApp is visible in the Product List and one test number is assigned to you (Product> WhatsApp> Getting Started)

Step 3

1. Add Number: Product> WhatsApp> Getting Started


2. Follow the steps and verify the number

3. Webhook: Product> WhatsApp> Configuration

Setting up Callback on Webhook

4. Call back URL:

5. Verify token: 62f6d22e7879479f80315e9a491ab20c 

6. Subscribe for other options too in Webhook

Step 4

1. Visit >> Setting >> More Setting

2. In Side Menu User>> System Users >Add

3. Enter Name and in System, User Role select “Admin”.

4. Add Asset.


5. Assign assets and enable the manage app option

Adding Asset on

6. Now, click on Generate Token

7. When you give the permission, make sure you give these two permissions

  • “WhatsApp_business_management”
  • “WhatsApp_business_messaging” to generate the token for WhatsApp Business

8. Copy this Generate token.

Step 5

1. Login to MSG91 and click on WhatsApp

MSG91 Dashboard

2. Click on the Add Integration button.

In MSG91 WhatsApp Tool

3. Need to provide us with data that you get from the above steps

WhatsApp Integration Details

a) Client Name: The name that you used in Add Phone Number

b) WhatsApp Number: make sure this starts with the country code and without + and 00, eg. For India, use 91.

c) WhatsApp number ID and WhatsApp business account ID >> APP >> Products>> WhatsApp>> Getting Started

d) Permanent access token that you copy from system user steps. Do not use Temporary access tokens. This will work only for 24 hours.

e) Inbound setting: where you want to receive WhatsApp inbound. You can receive them on Hello or on Webhook. For webhook, you can try Requestbin to test.

WhatsApp Business account and your account are ready for sending messages.

Happy WhatsApping :)