How to add a new team member to the team?

With the new product updates, you can now add new team members and assign them to different user roles. Here are the steps to add new members to your team:

Step 1: Click on the Setting Gear on your Dashboard. 

Step 2: Click on the Security Drop Down

Step 3: Click on User

Step 4: Click on Invite User

Step 5: Fill in the email of the new user

Step 6: Select the Rule from the drop-down or you can add your own rule. 

  • Step 6.1: To add your own rule, click on Rules

  • Step 6.2: Certain Rules are predefined and available. If you want to create your own rule, click on Create Rule

  • Step 6.3: Give a rule name and tick all the option that is applicable.

Step 7: Add IPs allowed if any specific IP needs to be mentioned or leave it blank.

Step 8: Click on Invite 

Step 9: The newly added member receives a verification email, and needs to sign-up if they have not signed up before. (Note: Verification is mandatory for the user to be able to access the account).

Note- If the invited member already has an existing account with MSG91 then in that case they will need to accept the invite from the existing account. Under the settings, you will find the option of companies.

In case of trouble, you can reach us at [email protected]