How to subscribe to email services

1. Login to the MSG91 user panel and click on Email.

2.  An auto-generated pop-up will come if you haven't subscribed for an email plan and the plans available will be shown on the screen. If not then click on "Subscription" and select the plan accordingly. 

3.  Click on "Subscribe" depending on the plan you would like to go for.

4. Over usage limit: It defines the number of emails you wish to send after the consumption of free emails in the subscribed plan and the further email will be allowed to be sent as per the over usage limit and the post-paid billing would be done accordingly. Post-billing will be as per the cost mentioned in the subscribed plan. Example- In the free plan, it is 0.035 per email.

5.  Once the Over usage limit has been selected, click on "Confirm".

6.  Plan will get subscribed successfully and you will find the option to upgrade/downgrade & the option to purchase a new plan.