How to validate your recipient email address 

The Recipient Validation option allows you to verify your client's email addresses, so that you can remove the invalid addresses, increase your delivery ratio, and prevent your domain from being blocked.

Please follow the below steps-

1. Log in to your MSG91 account and go to the Email section. 

2. Select the Recipient Validation option in the sidebar. You'll find the Single validation and Bulk validation options on the top right.

3. Click on Validate email for Single Email verification to make sure your client's email address is valid or not. You can add more than one email address separated by a comma.

4. To verify Bulk Email, choose Bulk validation option and you will receive a CSV upload option.

5. When you click the CSV upload option, a pop-up will appear for you to upload the file. 

6. Select the file, choose a column from the file for email ids. Click Upload to validate your email address.

7. You will get a list of all email ids with their status.


- You must subscribe to our paid email service in order to use it.

- We are happy to inform you that the Recipient Email Validation API is live now, for its documentation, please refer to

- We recommend using the feature on the dashboard or API to avoid domain blocking if the failure rate exceeds the 3% limit.