Map your DLT Entity (PE) Id with DLT approved Header (Sender Id)

To Map, your DLT Entity with DLT approved Header(Sender ID), login to your registered DLT platform and copy your Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id) -

Then, log in to the MSG91 panel and map each of your Header (Sender Id) with your unique DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id), issued by the Telecom Operator upon DLT registration.

1. To Edit existing Header (Sender Id)]

Login to MSG91 and go to SMS section >> Create Sender Id >>  Action >> Add your DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id (Not Header Id) against each of your Header (Sender Id). And click on Update. 

2. To Add a new Header (Sender Id)

Kindly login to MSG91 and go to SMS section >> Create Sender Id >> Select Country >> Add Sender ID >> Add Registration/Entity/PE Id ( In case you want to send SMS to India)  >> Add DLT approved Sender Id >> Click on "Create"

Also, If you want to send SMS in more than 10 countries, check mark here and fill in the Sender id and DLTRegistration/Entity/PE Id. And click on create button. 

If you are unable to add the DLT Registration/Entity/PE Id on MSG91 panel, kindly fill this form and we will add the Id on your behalf-


1. If you have still not registered on DLT, kindly register now, else your SMS will not be delivered. Check this process doc-

2. If you are a Reseller, kindly share this Whitelabel Doc with your clients-