How to white label your Hello Knowledge Base for branding ?

Steps to white label your Hello Knowledge Base is as follows:

1. Select Knowledgebase from the MSG91 Dashboard.

2. Go to the Configuration section. Fill out the details required for configuration.

  • In the organization name, you have to fill in the unique name of your organization. By default, the articles are available at our domain - Your organization name acts as a unique endpoint to access your articles- "". 
  • The URL for the articles will look like this -{{article_name}}
  • If you want to use a different domain, you can create one by setting up a custom domain. To do so:

    • Enter the custom domain you want to use in the domain field. Let’s use ‘’ as an example: 
    • Create a custom CNAME record-
      1. Go to your DNS provider’s website (e.g. AWS or Cloudflare).
      2. Create a CNAME (‘canonical name’) record for your custom domain.
      3. Point it at HELLO’s host domain (

      Please refer to this link to understand more about how to create a CNAME record.

      If your domain pointing (e.g. is used for some other purpose too, you can use an endpoint for Hello. This will prevent all the requests from your domain from being sent to Hello and will send only the request including the endpoint (e.g. proxy passing the {{endpoint}}. 
      So, the URL will look like this -{{endpoint}}/{{article_name}}

      (Note: These steps will vary, so please check with your DNS provider for support.)

Once done then the knowledge base can be accessed by adding your website URL plus the endpoint (if any).