VPN Installation in Chrome OS

 Steps for setting up Wireguard in Chrome OS


 Via Cross Terminal

Sample wireguard configuration:

PrivateKey = WGNfaKiwN2mhnxE8IzbdyVK5GEjbtUnTr4gsBRetRmA=
Address =

PublicKey = 65Ccqs2TzApWQTIz0H6/wym3NJZmX0d4UWwOSid8+lc=
AllowedIPs =,,,,
Endpoint =
PersistentKeepalive = 5

  • Open "Crosh terminal" using ctrl + alt + t 

  • Create new wireguard profile using command : 

wireguard new <vpn_name>
EXAMPLE : wireguard new testvpn

  • Set local ip address using command:
    wireguard set <vpn_name> local-ip <Address>
    NOTE : here local-ip  will be “Address” parameter (excluding /32 value) shown above in the “sample wireguard configuration” )

    EXAMPLE : wireguard set testvpn local-ip

  • set private key using command:

    • wireguard set <vpn_name> private-key

    • after running this command you will be prompted to enter private key

    • then enter private-key value

  • set the peer information using commmand:

    • wireguard set <vpn_name> peer <public_key_value> 

    • ex:wireguard set testvpn peer 65Ccqs2TzApWQTIz0H6/wym3NJZmX0d4UWwOSid8+lc=

  • set allowed IP’s field using command:

    • wireguard set <vpn_name> peer <public_key_value> allowed-ips     <allowed_ip value>

NOTE: Please remove spaces between allowed ip values

Check in the setting→Network→VPN→Choose your created VPN and connect it.

Via Using GUI

Go into settings and then Click on network and click on add connection.

Select  Add built in VPN..

Select "WIREGUARD" in Provider type by clicking on drop down button 

Fill all the credentials carefully including Client IP Address, Then select "I have a Key Pair" from key dropdown menu.

Enter Private Key and Public Key and also Endpoint.

Then Add Allowed IP's.

NOTE: Please remove spaces between allowed ip values

Now add Persistent keepalive interval "5"


            Click on Connect and your VPN is now connected.

             After the VPN is connected Check Sever name by following these steps

             Click on Network,click on VPN network which is connected, now click on name server, see weather it is                    google name servers or not if not click on Google name servers.