What is token and how to use it?

An Authentication Token is a unique identifier that allows users to prevent fraudulent behavior and Limit the number of unnecessary OTP requests. 

  • This provide you with the ability to set a throttle limit.
  • Throttling can be used to protect your system from unnecessary OTP request by setting a limit on the number of requests that are allowed to submit in a given amount of time. 
  • You can set this limit using a token system, which will allow you to specify the throttling limit for each token. To set the throttling limit, you first need to create a token. This can be done by following these steps:

Step 1 - Select OTP section from the dashboard.

Step 2 - Select the Token option from the sidebar and click on generate new token.

Step 3 - Enter token name.

Once done your token will be generated.

  • To set the throttle limit for your token, select the token name and enter the limit you require. 

  • You can also block IP addresses temporarily or permanently using the IPs section, and disable/enable your token at any time using the three dots.

To use the token value in API, pass the additional parameter tokenAuth in request or token in Headers

Note - You don't need to use both Token and Authkey in the API. The Auth Token supports the OTP API.