DLT Consent Template Registration

To send Service Explicit and Promotional SMS on DND-enabled numbers, kindly follow this first process of applying the Consent Template.

However, this Consent process is not required for Service Implicit SMS.

As of now, just apply for the Consent Template by following the below steps: 

1. Login to your DLT platform, navigate to the CONSENT template option and click on add new.

2. The Consent Template should not contain any variables.

3. Brand/PE/Trade/Legal Name must be there in the Template.

Samples of Consent Template for your reference:

1. “XYZ Communications” [Brand Name] would like to send messages about your account details and best offers to serve you better.

2. “AAA Pvt Ltd” [Brand Name] will send you the information about new offers and events.

3. Dear Customer, we are pleased with your signup with “XYZ Communications”[Brand Name] today. To receive exciting promotions and offers on SMS/call, please submit your consent.

4. Dear Customer, thank you for submitting your requirement on our website today. We will keep you informed on new listings suited to you. Please give your consent for receiving these listings through call/SMS. -- AAA Pvt Ltd [Brand Name]

Guide to apply for Consent Template on DLT portals: PingConnect | VilPower | TrueConnect - JIO