DLT Entity Process | Post Entity ID Received

Step 1: Pingconnect

Once your Entity is Registered on PingConnect and you got Entity ID, then you have to Add Walkover (MSG91) as TeleMarketer: Go to “TeleMarketer Request” in the left menu of PingConnect and add Walkover (MSG91) Telemarketer ID (1302157225275643280).

If you have not Registered on PingConnect, kindly register at PingConnect, V-con (PingConnect)- https://smartping.live/entity/signup/Indian (No need to pay extra, if you already got Entity ID)

Process for KYC on PingConnect:

Click → As Entity

Click on New Registration→ Signup


Select>> Enroll Entity >> Fill your Entity ID, then fill in all the asked details with documents.

Step 2: VILPower KYC

Once you have Registered at PingConnect and added Walkover (MSG91) as TeleMarketer, kindly do the KYC at VIL Power as well. (No need to pay anything!)
VILPower- https://www.vilpower.in/signup/

Process for KYC on VIL Power:

Choose Enterprise and click on next

Kindly fill your Entity ID here (How to find Entity Id on PingConnect portal >> Left panel >> Profile icon) and click on Verify and complete the KYC Process.

Step 3: Add TeleMarketer on VILPower:

Once Registration at VIL Power is approved → Go to “TeleMarketer Request” in the left menu and add Walkover (MSG91) Telemarketer ID (1302157225275643280).

Login into VILpower account >> click on → Telemarketer

Click→ ADD

Add→ Walkover (MSG91) >>  Telemarketer ID (1302157225275643280).

Step 4: Header Registration

Once the Entity Registration is approved from both PingConnect  and VILPower, then add your HEADERS (Sender ID) by following the below steps:

  1. Header Approval Process on PingConnect →  HERE