DLT Template Scrubbing / Filtering Rules

Every SMS sent by an Enterprise is filtered on the DLT platform and sent to the end-user as per Scrubbing Rules. 

Current Scrubbing Rules:

Template TypeFully DND NumbersPromo DND NumbersPartial DND Numbers (Categories/day/mode/time)Non-DND NumbersIf Consent uploaded
PromotionalBlock all-dayBlock all-dayAs per subscriber preferenceAllow- 10 am to 9 pmAllow- 10 am to 9 pm
Service ExplicitBlock all-dayBlock all-day
As per subscriber preference
Allow all-dayAllow all-day
Service ImplicitAllow all-dayAllow all-dayAllow all-dayAllow all-dayConsent not required

Henceforth, if you upload the consent data, your Service Explicit and Promotional SMS will be delivered irrespective of the DND preference of the end-user.

Note:  If you have mistakenly approved any pure Transactional SMS Template in the Service Explicit category, we highly recommend you apply that Template in Service Implicit. Post this, your SMS will be delivered to DND and Non-DND numbers even without Consent upload.