DND Error while send Transactional or OTP messages

Sometimes, even when sending purely Transactional or OTP messages, your message can fail with a DND error. It is important to note that messages approved under the Service Explicit or promotional category on the respective DLT platform will not be delivered to DND-enabled numbers. We request that you approve the content (Transactional or OTP) under the Service Implicit / Inferred category on the DLT platform to resolve this issue.

As per TRAIs guidelines, a person can enable DND (do not disturb) on his mobile number.

Type of DND options:

1. Full DND: A person who SELECTS the 1st option, i.e. all 8 categories are Blocked except Service Implicit (Template) SMS. Here, any Service Explicit or Promotional SMS will not be delivered to this mobile number.


2. Promo DND: A person who SELECTS the 2nd option, i.e. all 8 categories are Blocked except Transactional, Service Implicit, and Explicit (Template) SMS. Here, only Promo SMS with numeric header will not be delivered.


3. Industry-wise DND: A person can select industries from which they do not wish to receive any promotional and service explicit Template SMS.



In order to allow your SMS to be delivered to that customer (recipient), then you need to ask him to change his DND Preference. For this, he has to download the DND 2.0 app from Play store or Appstore and change the DND preference to receive your Explicit (Template) SMS.00