Email Connections

This feature is used to connect your existing email service provider (Gmail & Outlook) to your MSG91 account and use the same to send emails. 

How to set up email connections?

1. Click on Email on the home screen


2. Click on connections from the left menu pane.


3.You’ll get the option to choose from Gmail or Outlook. Choose one of the following option which you want to                 use and click continue (You’ll be redirected to the service provider URL for login) 

4. Provide the login credentials of your existing email or create a new account and click continue


5. It’ll take you to the page where you can check the permissions for MSG91 and also the privacy policy, if you          are ok with that click on continue. Once done you can see the account under Connection in your email              dashboard and you will be able to send emails from it.

Note : The email limits and restrictions will be as per your email service provider.

6. If you want to add another account you can click on the Connect button on the top left side of the screen and continue from step 3 to step 5

7. If you want to delete the any existing connection then just hover over the connection that you want to delete and click the delete button

8. In order to send emails using API for connections, kindly use the same cURL as Send Email API and replace "domain" with "integration_id" which can be found under the connection tab. Also "from field" is not required if you are using connections as the from email will be the email as per connection.