FAQ- DLT Consent Process 

Q. DLT Consent process is for which type of DLT templates?
Ans: This process is only for Promotional and Service Explicit Templates.

Q. Do we need to link all the existing templates with the consent template?
Ans: No

Q. If the subscriber submits his consent for how long is that consent valid?

Ans: 1 year

Q. If the subscriber does not respond or rejects the consent, can the consent-seeking message be re-sent?

Ans: Yes, but only after 3 months. However, during these 3 months, Entity can send seek consent through QR codes.

Q. Can the consent-seeking messages contain a URL/Callback number?
Ans: No

Q. Can the subscriber revoke his digital consent?

Ans: Yes, through 1909 (SMS/IVR/Calling)

Q. Is there a bulk upload option?

Ans: Not as of now, but DLT Platforms are working on the same.

Q. What is the charge for each consent?

Ans: Around INR 2.5 plus GST, however it varies from Operator to Operator.

Q. Is the QR Code available against all consent templates?

Ans: Yes, it is available against all the active consent templates.

Q. Is the QR Code sharable?
Ans: Yes, QR Code can be downloaded and shared over WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Q. How to make the payment for Consent?
Ans: Entity has to purchase Consent Credits from their respective DLT Platform.