Get Started With Workflow

Get Started With Email Inbox Workflows

Workflows are composed of conditions (what you’re looking for) and actions (what you want to happen). In this article, we will introduce you to the wonderful world of workflows! 

Workflows are included with the Premium plan only.

Workflow Basic

Workflows contain Triggers, Conditions, and actions. Use those to create if-then statements to perform actions on conversations. For example, if the subject line contains "Order Confirmation", then assign that ticket to a particular agent or team.

Create a Workflow

1. Login to your MSG91 account and open Hello.

2. Select the gear icon on the right of the desired Inbox from the sidebar.


Select the All Inboxes option from the Manage section in the left sidebar and navigate to the desired inbox from the dropdown. Click on the gear icon on the right of the desired Inbox and select the Workflow Setting option.

3. Give your workflow a name by entering the title of the rule.

4. 'WHEN' triggers when the workflow will activate for all incoming emails if the condition aligns with the specified criteria.

5. Under 'IF', Select the criteria and operator (Is equal to, Contains, etc.) for your conditions.

5. Under 'THEN', choose the actions you want your workflow to apply when a conversation matches the conditions you specified. 

6. Click on Save button and toggle on the switch to activate the Workflow.

Manage Workflows

You can check, update and delete workflows in any email inbox.