How to activate a Long Code?

Long Code

A long code is the same as a mobile number but is maintained by an operator. Thus, it has some extra features:

1. It can receive thousands of SMS in a minute.

2. Can be developed for various custom applications like voting, gathering feedback, and placing orders.

3. It works in real-time.

4. Sender pays only for a normal SMS, with no extra charges.

5. Affordable and easy to understand for a developer.

How does it work?

A user sends the SMS on a number (your long code number)> Operator informs our server> Our server informs your server. 

The above steps are described below:

1. Login and click on Long Code

2. Add the keyword, (this is the most important step, choose a word that your client can remember easily)

3. Now you will find three options (all are optional depending on your need)

A. Reply SMS

If you want to give confirmation to your users that you have received their SMS, choose this option.

B. Email Alert

If you want an Email alert whenever your keyword receives any SMS, fill this one.

C. Call Back URL

This is the most commonly used feature as everyone has a custom requirement and why not, geeks love innovation!