How to add MSG91 as an Email Service Provider in Clevertap

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MSG91 serves as an Email Service Provider (ESP) in Clevertap, allowing seamless integration for effective email marketing campaigns. By configuring MSG91 as the ESP, users can leverage its robust API to send personalized and targeted emails to their audiences. 

To integrate MSG91 as an Email Service Provider (ESP) in Clevertap, please follow the steps below:

1.  Log in to your Clevertap account and go to the Settings section.

2. Click on the Channels section from the sidebar go to the Email.

3.  Now click on +Provider.


4.   And choose SMTP as the provider -  

5.  After choosing SMTP as the provider fill out the required fields



Note: To establish a successful SMTP connection with MSG91, it is essential to provide accurate and valid information in each field when setting up SMTP credentials. To access the SMTP details from MSG91, follow these steps:

1. Go to MSG91 > Email.

2. Navigate to the Domains section in the sidebar.

3. Click on the verified domain where you want to enable SMTP.

4. Enable the SMTP toggle.

For visual reference, please see the image below:



7. Copy the callback URL from Clevertap and configure the webhook in the MSG91 Dashboard, following these simplified steps:


8. Check delivery by clicking on the “Send Test Email” on Clevertap.


By clicking on "Send Test Email" in Clevertap, you can evaluate the delivery and appearance of the email campaign specifically for the test recipients. This allows you to ensure that the email content, formatting, and any personalization are correct before sending the campaign to your entire audience.

9. Once you successfully receive the test email, Save the configuration in Clevertap.


After confirming the successful delivery of the test email, make sure to save the configuration to apply the changes made. Saving the configuration ensures that the updated settings and preferences for the email campaign are retained and ready for further action.