How to check the reports of the campaign?

Once you've executed the campaign through API, Segmento, or the Launch Campaign option, you'll be able to access the logs and reports exclusively within the Campaign section. 

1. To view the reports for a particular campaign, navigate to the campaign you're interested in, such as the "Testing" campaign shown in the screenshot below. Click on the analytics icon to view the reports for the entire campaign.

2. After clicking on the highlighted icon, you'll be taken to the analytics page for the entire campaign. Here, you'll have the ability to review the delivery status (such as Delivered, Failed, Rejected, Deduction, etc.). Additionally, if you want to view data for a specific date range, you can apply a filter to narrow down the results.

3. To review the status of specific communications sent in a campaign, simply click on the "Go to Flow" option. On the right-hand side, you'll be able to view the logs for all communications sent under the corresponding campaign.

4. Once the respective campaign is open on your screen, you can click on the highlighted icon to view the reports of the specific communication(s) sent in a campaign. The data range filter is available here as well.

5. Also, you can click on the eye icon to view the Node Info.

6. Here you will be able to find the status of the specific communication in a campaign along with it's unique Reference ID.

7. If you want to view the logs of all the campaigns initiated from your account, you can simply click on the logs option on the left hand side panel.

8. From here as well you can go the analytics of any campaign by clicking on the analytics option.