How to integrate the Hello-Chat Widget?

Here are the steps to create and integrate a Chat Widget :

1. Go to your MSG91 panel and click on"Hello".

2. Select the Manage option from the sidebar and select the Inboxes section under it.

3. Select the Chat option in the dropdown.

3. If you have selected a chat inbox, click on the settings (gear) icon on the right and then select the Edit widget option.

4. Input the details according to your requirements like name of the widget, its tagline, teams added in it, bot used (if any), and other additional settings.

5. Once done, copy the code and integrate it in your backend where you want to use the chat widget.

You can paste the script into an HTML file in your website code and run the script. A widget will be created with an icon at the bottom right corner of the page.

Now if someone sends a message through that widget, it will be displayed in the contact center.

You can refer to below mentioned video guide to know more about Hello (Contact Center):