Integrate Instagram in Hello

To connect your  Instagram professional account with Hello, you have to complete/do these tasks: 

  1. Instagram inbox creation and Instagram integration with app (meta-developer). First user needs to create a Facebook page

  2. and then integrate a professional Instagram account with it.

Step 1: Create a Facebook page:


Step 2: Create an Instagram account and convert it to a professional account:

To set up an instagram business account:

Note: You can do this via web app or mobile app both

To know more about this click on the link:

 Here's a screenshot for reference, click on this switch to a professional account and fill in details or skip as per your convenience

Step 3: Now we have to integrate the Facebook page that we created earlier with the instagram professional account:

There are two ways to do it but I would suggest you do it via the instagram app as it is easier to integrate.

Click on accept and proceed

Note: Sometimes you may face this error while creating an inbox of instagram in Hello.  At that time Please wait for 60 minutes before proceeding or recreating instagram inbox.

  1. Steps are mentioned below for creating the instagram inbox in hello

  2. a. Go to all inbox in the hello panel and click on the create inbox on the right-hand corner. 

b. Now select instagram - create inbox.

     c. This will start the Facebook authentication integration process which will further proceed with instagram integration

d. Now all the integrated instagram professional accounts integrated with the selected Facebook pages will be displayed for selection. Select the account you want to integrate, that is connected with the Facebook page.

           e. A new inbox will be created with a new instagram account username as the inbox name and inbounds for the messages will start to drop here.


Integration flow for now:
Previously, users couldn't integrate the same account into another company if it was already integrated elsewhere with an enabled inbox. Now, they can, as long as they disable the account/inbox integration in the other company at the backend.