Excel plugin- How to send SMS

Excel Plugin for SMS

Excel Plugin empowers you to send SMS directly from the excel sheet. You do not need to upload your excel sheet on the panel. You are allowed to send SMS from the sheet itself without going online.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. From the panel, you need to download the Excel Plugin. You can find the download option on the 'Send SMS' page under Segmento.

2. Look for all the requirements to be met, so as to use the Excel Plugin:

3. Install the downloaded file and you will be able to find an option of MSG91- SMS Plugin in your Excel. For login, use your company username and password. 

4. Complete the entries to be filled in the sheet and click on Send SMS. Then the complete procedure is the same as the panel.

If you face any issues you can write to us at [email protected]

Refer to the video tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GwPvfc_B8g&feature=youtu.be