How to send SMS in Clevertap with MSG91

Integrate MSG91 in Clevertap

To integrate CleverTap and MSG91, follow the below steps:

Step 1: In the CleverTap Dashboard, navigate to Settings and click on Integrate SMS.

Step 2: Select MSG91.

Step 3: In the AuthKey text box, fill in your AuthKey from the MSG91 Dashboard.

Step 4: In the Route text box, if your operator supports multiple routes then give one route name. Eg: route=1 for promotional, route=4 for transactional SMS.

Step 5: In the Sender text box, fill in SenderId. 

Dwell Time

Minimum gap between two messages across campaigns. Set the dwell time. 

Setting up Throttling Limit

Throttling is a process that is used to control the usage of APIs by consumers during a given period. You can define throttling at the application level and API level. The throttling limit is considered cumulative at the API level. 

The threshold limit of throttle limit is 60 SMS in 1 sec, which means in 5 min you can send 18,000 SMS and in 1hr you can send 216000 SMS.

Note: If you require to send in more in speed than the threshold limit then, you can contact us.