Billing and Tech Alerts

MSG91 sends alerts for payment status, low balance, API failure to the secondary email address registered in your MSG91 account. Follow these simple steps to add more email addresses to which these alerts should be sent:

Step 1:  Log in to your MSG91 account. Click on the company name dropdown arrow and select the Settings option.

Step 2:  Click the "Alerts" option in the settings.

Step 3:  The following alerts fall under the Tech and Billing category-

Tech Alerts

Billing Alerts

101 - Missing mobile number

Low Balance

102 - Missing message

Payment status

202 - Invalid mobile number

203 - Invalid sender ID or DLT Entity ID Missing

207 - Invalid authentication key

301 - Insufficient balance to send an SMS

311 - When the same SMS content is sent to the same number within 10 seconds. This is a security feature used to avoid multiple deliveries. The first SMS will be delivered and the second will be rejected. The balance will also be deducted only once.

418- IP Whitelisting 

Enter the email addresses in the Emails section to get the alerts on email.

Note- SMS alerts on mobile numbers will be live soon!