MoEngage WhatsApp Integration

1. Open MoEngage and click on settings.

2. Choose WhatsApp and select “add connector” and search for MSG91

3. Enter these details - 

    1. Sender Name - Any name you want to give to this sender

    2. WhatsApp business number - enter your integrated number with country code (do not add the + sign)

    3. API URL -

    4. Authkey - enter your MSG91 authkey

4. Click on Save.

5. Copy the Webhook URL shown in Step 2

6. Open MSG91 Dashboard

7. Click on WhatsApp > Webhooks

8. Add the above mentioned URL in the “Outbound Message” webhook.

9. Now choose “Number” option in the left side panel.

10. Enable the MoEngage Toggle on the number which you are integrating with MoEngage.