How to use MSG91 SMS Connector for MoEngage:

Introduction: MSG91 is a leading communication platform that provides a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. Its services include SMS, voice communication, email marketing, two-factor authentication, and more. We can configure MSG91 as a Custom Connector on the MoEngage Dashboard.

This guide will help you set MSG91 as a Custom Connector on the MoEngage dashboard.


Prerequisites - Ensure you have access to the MSG91 Dashboard and have an Authkey for your MSG91 account.

If not,

1. Create a New Account: For signup click on this link.

2. Get Your Authkey: Refer to this helpdoc on how to create an Auth key.

1. Log in to the MoEngage dashboard.

2. Navigate to Settings -> Channel -> SMS & Connectors and click on the SMS Connector Config tab.

3Click +CREATE beside the Custom Connectors option on the left menu to add a new connector.

Once you click Create, a new connector named ‘New Connector’ gets added to the left menu. Select this newly added connector to set up your custom connector.

Step 1: Set the Connector

Connector Name
Write the name to identify the connector - e.g. MSG91
Sender Name
Write the name to identify the sender

Step 2: Configure the API URL

- This field contains information about the URL that should be used to send an API request to the Sender. In the API URL field paste the below 


- Select: GET as a Method

- Here is the description of the above API URL Parameters:


Enter your MSG91 Authkey

Enter your DLT-approved Header / Sender ID

Enter the value as “Moesms_destination” (This is the recipient or destination number on which the message will be delivered)


4 (For Transactional Messages)

1 (For Promotional Messages)


Enter the value “Moesms_message” (The message content will be passed in this field)


Enter the value of the DLT Template ID as “Moesms_dltTemplateId”

(This is only mandatory for users sending messages to Indian Numbers)


Json (For getting a response in JSON format)


70 (Fixed Value for Analytics)

Step 3: Test and Save the settings

Click Send Test SMS to verify whether the configuration is correct. After a successful test, Click Save to save the settings.

Step 4: Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking allows you to track the delivery status of the SMS messages sent using custom connectors. Delivery tracking will show a metric - Delivered, which helps you understand whether messages have been delivered to the user and analyze delivery failures and errors.

You can configure delivery tracking after creating the sender in the MoEngage Dashboard. For information about Delivery Tracking, refer to Delivery Tracking in Custom Connectors.

Here is the sample response:

Mapping Guide: You can either map the fields from the delivery response or map the fields manually by choosing the desired option. This mapping helps MoEngage to understand the custom connector's delivery response.

Refer to the below image for reference:

Then, Click Save to Save the delivery tracking configuration for the custom connector.