Push Notification and Features

                                     Push Notification and Its Features

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging your website visitors and users in real time. MSG91's Push Notifications feature allows you to communicate important messages directly on your website. Whether you want to promote a special offer, share important updates, or capture user attention, push notifications are the solution.

Key Features of Push Notifications

Real-time Communication: Reach your audience instantly with on-the-spot notifications.

Customization: Tailor notifications to match your branding and message. Make them eye-catching and compelling.

Segmentation: Target specific user segments or demographics to ensure your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Scheduling: Plan your notifications in advance and schedule them to go live when it matters most.

Interactive Elements: Include buttons, links, and elements in your notifications to drive user engagement.

Exclusive Push Notifications with Hello Widget

Hello Widget: MSG91's Hello Widget is a specialized tool that enhances user engagement and enables push notifications on web browsers.

Push notifications will only be delivered to web browser users through the Hello Widget, making it an ideal choice for reaching your web audience. 

Advantages of Push Notifications

Instant Engagement: Capture users' attention for immediate action.

Higher Conversion Rates: Boost sales, sign-ups, and desired actions.

Improved User Experience: Keep users informed without leaving your site.

Data-Driven Decisions: Use analytics for informed improvements.

Personalization: Deliver personalized messages for a more engaging experience.

Time-sensitive Alerts: Notify about limited-time offers instantly.