Spam Forwarding in Gmail

Spam Forwarding in Gmail

To set spam forwarding in Gmail

Go to your email, On the search bar type ‘Spam forwarding’

In suggestion, there will be ‘spam forwarding’ on top.

Select it.


Now click on the ‘Advanced Search’ in blue on the right-hand top. 

Now fill in the details like to whom to forward, from which mail, and also In the ‘Search’ option select ‘Spam’.

Now click on ‘Create filter’

A window will open with various options, Select the forward it to - add the mail address you want to forward the soam emails to.

Now click on the 'Create filter'.

A window will open for Google verification - Complete the verification process and the filter will be created, for forwarding.

Your filter has been created, Now the spam forwarding is on.

For any changes, you can go to settings on the inbox page.

Click on ‘See all settings’ and click on ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’:

You can edit and delete the filter from the options mentioned for the same on the right side.