Static IP Resolution on Various Cloud Providers

Enabling IP Security in your MSG91 account helps you to have a track of API calls from whitelisted IPs only. When there is an API hit, we’ll match the connecting IP against this list to allow or deny access. With this feature, even if your API is discovered or stolen, only your servers will be able to use it.

Isn't this super easy to set it up, we highly recommend you to use this feature.

For Cloud service users, where IPs are dynamically allocated on new instance creation,  we have got you covered. Here is the list of major cloud service providers' authorized solutions for associating a fixed IP to the instance.

Cloud Service ProvidersSolution
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon EC2 [Elastic Compute Cloud]
AWS Instances with Pool of Instances/ Dynamic Instances
GCP [Google Cloud Platform]
Digital Ocean