Step by Step Guide to implement DLT in SMS

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DLT Registration Process

Step 1 -  Entity Registration on DLT Platform
Signup on any DLT Platform (Telecom Operators) with all the required documents.
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Step 2 - Register Header (Sender Id) on DLT Platform
Once Entity Registration is Approved by DLT Platform, kindly login to that platform, search for the Header option and register the Header (Sender Id).

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Step 3  - Get Approval for your SMS Content on the DLT Platform
Every SMS will have a predefined format which is called SMS Template. Get these SMS Templates approved on the DLT Platform.
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Changes on MSG91 Panel

Once you receive the Header IDs and Template IDs make the following changes on the MSG91 panel:

Step 1  - Map DLT Registration/Entity Id on MSG91 Panel
Once Header is approved on DLT platform, kindly add that Header on the MSG91 panel and Map the DLT Registration/Entity Id.
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Step 2  - Map SMS Template on MSG91 Panel/API
Once your SMS Templates gets approved on the DLT platform, do the necessary changes on the MSG91 Panel/API.
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DLT Helpdesk- [email protected]
DLT Template FAQs-