What are Campaign filters?

With the Campaign filters, you can apply multiple filters in your campaigns which will increase your reach to customers.



The country's condition, receivers are now dynamically grouped based on the country codes associated with their phone numbers. With this condition, you may design recipient groups for various nations to customize your messaging approach.


The delay condition, it provides you to specify a time delay before sending a message, email, voice call, WhatsApp, or push notification. This is particularly useful when you want to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time or want to avoid sending messages during certain hours. By using this feature, you can make sure your messages are delivered at the most suitable time, enhancing their effectiveness.


The frequency condition, helps you manage how often a specific message can be sent to the recipients within a given time frame and day.

AB Testing:

A/B testing, a dynamic feature that can divide the recipients (data) into a particular ratio in runtime and send different versions of a message to them. Then, you compare which version gets better results, like more clicks or responses, to choose the most effective one for your business. It helps you send messages that work best with your audience and improve your communication's impact.


In the Editor, a dynamic feature that empowers users to write JavaScript code and perform various tasks that dynamically modify variable values based on specified scripts. This functionality allows users to utilize Segmento's phonebook and its field values within their scripts. With the Editor, users can carry out complex calculations, apply transformations, and manipulate campaign variables values during runtime.