What are the notification settings in Hello? 

In HELLO, you have the ability to manage notification messages (toasts) related to actions such as opening, closing, snoozing, blocking, and assigning. You can enable/disable the settings anytime with the toggle button.

In Hello, Go to manage -> all inboxes -> select the Notification option.

If you have selected all settings options then you will receive the notification if:

- When the setting is configured as "both", notifications will be received on both the mobile app and web platform.

- If the setting is set to "none", no notifications will be received.

- When set to "web", notifications will exclusively be received on the web platform.

- Conversely, if set to "mobile", notifications will exclusively be received on the mobile app.

New Message Notification Functionality:

If an agent or a team (where the agent is a member) is assigned to a ticket, notifications for that ticket will be sent to the agent, following their notification settings.

If channels are not assigned to the agent's team (where the agent is a member), notifications for channels assigned to other teams will not be received.

If a channel is assigned to a different agent (Agent B), notifications for that channel will not be received.

Filters will not impact notification settings; only settings applied in the notification panel will be utilized.

If you are working with the filters of team or individual then in that case the notifications will work like this:

- The agent's notification settings take precedence, and filters do not impact notifications.

- Upon an agent's initial addition to the company, the default dashboard setting includes all (agent, team assigned to agent, unassigned). This applies if no manual adjustments are made in the notification settings panel.

- Regardless of the module where the agent is present, if a message is received while the agent is active, the notification settings of the respective inbox will be utilized.