What is blocked numbers? How to block/unblock any number?

Blacklisted or blocked numbers are those which are restricted from receiving any SMS sent by the user. There are two ways of blocking any number:

One is by adding the numbers in the Blacklist Numbers option.

Another one is when we receive NDNCUCC complaints data from the Operator we block all the numbers in our Database, and messages will fail to deliver and the failure reason will show as Blocked Numbers.

Step 1:

1. Login to your Dashboard.

2. Select “SMS” from the Dashboard.

3. Click on the “Blacklist” option from the left-hand side panel.

4.  You can add all the numbers to be blacklisted here and click on “Add”. 

5. You can export all the numbers in a .csv format by clicking on “Export All Contacts”. 

How to Unblock

To unblock a number, you need to delete it from the blacklist after selecting the numbers.