What is Campaign and how to use it

What is Campaign and how to use it?

By creating a single flow in the Campaign you can communicate using different communication channels such as SMS, Email, and RCS, and by adding a filter (condition/country) send the message to the targeted end-user.

How to add a campaign:

Step 1. Go to the MSG91 panel and click on Campaign

Step 2. Click on New Campaign

Step 3. Name the campaign and save it

Step 4. The following window will get opened and Library will get opened at the right-hand side where you can see different communication channels such as SMS, email, and RCS along with the filter of Countries, you can drag the campaign (test campaign2) to the desired corner of the screen.

Step 5. Drag the options from the Library as per your requirement for creating the flow campaign, for example, we have dragged the filter "Countries"

Step 6. Drag the pin and connect it to the filter/condition we have added i.e. Countries

Step 7. Once you click on the condition the right side panel will get opened where you can edit the group name as per your choice and provide action to the flow accordingly.

Step 8. Click on save and the node will be updated and you would be able to see the change on the screen itself.

Step 9. Similarly add another communication channel such as SMS, email, or RCS

Step 10Click on the individual communication channel to provide the templates that you would want to get delivered to the end users in case of Asian numbers or Other numbers (depending on the condition you have mentioned)

Step 11. Click on code to see the codes associated with the campaign

Step 12. Check the codes and select a token from here

Step 13. Click on logs to check the status of the campaign you have tested

Step 14. See the result here