What is Fallback and how does it work?

Fallback is typically a backup that gets started whenever something uncertain happens and we have no control over it. Fallback ensures SMS delivery in scenarios of server-related issues. This works only in the case of Transactional and OTP API requests.

In the Fallback option, we directly push SMS to Telecom Operators bypassing the Servers. This ensures that the SMS does not get delayed due to Server issues. However, since we bypass the Servers, we are unable to show delivery reports. 

In the case of Fallback, the response will be {"message"=>"success", "type"=>"SMS sent by fallback"}.

We do not deduct any charges for the SMS delivered through the fallback option. 

What you need to remember:

1. If the Fallback option is activated, your SMS will be delivered on time.

2. You will not see delivery reports for such SMS in the panel since we don't have a proper record for it.

3. You will not be charged for these requests.