4 steps to setup Segmento

Segmento is a place to bring all your user and their attributes to make segments and run a campaign one time or ongoing.

Login to the MSG91 panel -> select Segmento -> Default phonebook

It will direct you to the Default Phonebook of Segmento in your account. You can upload your data there or create a new phonebook. 

For optimal organization and management, it's best to use the Default phonebook unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise. Using it allows you to manage events and segments for all your contacts in one place, avoiding duplicates. If needed, you can consider separating contacts into different phonebooks for specific use cases.

1. Add user attributes/columns/fields

2. Update your existing user data by CSV.

​3. Add API to bring new users and their fields/attributes/events.

4. Create Segments based on their attributes.

1. Add user columns/fields

To add custom fields, click on the column settings. Click on the Add column button again to give the field name and type and click on the Add button to add it.

2. Update your existing user data by CSV.

If you want to update existing contacts then select Update duplicate contact id otherwise It will ignore the existing contacts.

Once the contacts in the file are uploaded, map the columns of the CSV file with the attributes in your phonebook with the mapping dropdown.

​3. Add API to bring new users and their fields/attributes/events.

This is important to keep your users and their events updated to run automated campaigns.

Here is the API doc ->  API Doc

4. Create Segments based on the columns.

Filter users on the basis of the column value, analyze them now, or save them for always.

Click on the Add filter button on the top.

Choose the attribute and give the condition on which you wish to filter with its value and click on the Apply button. Use the + icon to add more attribute conditions and the cross icon to remove a condition.

The users matching the condition will be visible. If you wish to save that segment for the future, click on the three dots beside the Apply button and select the Save filter option. Give it a name and click on the Save button.

Send messages over SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc. (run campaign) manually to all users of a particular segment or Automate based on user falls in any segment.

For a detailed guide on Campaign, follow this help doc -> How to run a Campaign from Segmento | msg91