You can set up Automation with your Zoho CRM which helps you in triggering any campaign at any action on automation. (i.e. when someone edits any contact) using MSG91. Instantly send campaigns using predefined and customizable SMS templates.

Step 1: Click on the Setup Icon on the right top of the screen and select “Workflow Rules”.

Step 2: Click on “Create Rule”.

Step 3: Select Module from dropdown > Give any name to that rule > Describe the rule for your understanding.

Step 4: Select Action > Select Event > Click on Checkbox > Click on Next Button

Step 5: Select the checkbox of “All Contacts” then click on the Next Button.

Step 6: Click on the Instant Action Button and select MSG91(Msg91campaign).

Step 7:  Select the campaign.

Step 8: Map The Variable > Click Save

Step 9: Give any name to that campaign click on Save and Associate and again click on the Save button from the left bottom.