DLT Process

As per the TRAI guidelines in India, every Indian Entity/Organization that wants to send SMS to Indian mobile numbers is required to complete DLT Registration mandatorily to get their Sender IDs and SMS content templates approved. Below is the step-by-step process of DLT that needs to be done on any of the DLT portals available: 

  • Step 1 - Register your Business Entity/Organization - HelpDoc.

  • Step 2 - Once your entity is approved, log in on the DLT portal with the credential received by your DLT operator and register your Sender ID (Header). The process is almost the same on every DLT portal. Here is a sample of PingConnect - HelpDoc.

  • Step 3 - And once Header is approved, please apply for the approval of your SMS contents - HelpDoc.

Additionally, this HelpDoc will help with the steps to be followed on the MSG91 side once your DLT is done. Also, you can refer to the FAQs on DLT.

#Note - If you find this process difficult, please opt for Premium DLT Support and we will assign a DLT expert to you to get this done at priority.