Error Description- SMS not Matched with DLT Template

There will be two reasons for this error:

1. The SMS content passed by you in MSG91 API does not match the approved DLT Content Template. Even special characters (. , +? / “:) should be exactly passed.

2. You are passing more than 30 characters in a single variable.

Key Points about variables in your Template- 

  • Characters passed in a single VARIABLE should be strictly less than or equal to 30 characters; in case you need to pass more than 30 characters apply multiple VARIABLES with spaces; ex- {#var#} {#var#} {#var#}.
    Character count identifier:

  • To pass a URL of more than 30 characters in your message content, you should apply multiple VARIABLES without space, to allow more characters; ex- {#var#}{#var#}{#var#}.